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Resume Writing


Gramerci’s resume writer Steve has over six years in the resume writing sector and knows precisely how to position candidates in order to successfully progress to interview. A wide-ranging writer in many other fields, for over 20 years Steve’s words graced newspapers, magazines, books and television years before he turned his attention to resume writing. 

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Steve Saragossi


At Gramerci, we take a holistic approach to recruitment. Our clients like to work with us because we have realised over the course of 20 years that the symbiotic relationship between employer and employee reaps rewards far beyond the sum of individual parts. One of the first things our clients will see when we recommend them is the candidates resume. A resume is far more than a list of jobs and achievements. Our resume writer Steve knows this. With over 1,100 resumes under his belt, he knows that a good resume jumps off the page and tells a prospective employer what makes the candidate tick, how they align with the company’s values and are as much about the candidates personality as their job history. 

How it works

Steve will take time to get to know the candidate in a consultation, and ensures their personality is replicated on the page.


"Tailoring a resume to suit the specific role being targeted, and even the particular organisation, may mean several versions need to be written, but that effort often reaps the best rewards".

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Steve’s approach to resume writing perfectly aligns with Gramerci’s commitment to a unique, bespoke service that adds value that surpasses expectations.

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